The Shticks Interview with TTS Oddcast

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Today the good voice avatars of  Text-to-Speech at Oddcast interviewed me but something went awry and Simon’s voice couldn’t say “Shticks.” Visit them at their website to get to know the voices and if you figure out how to get Simon to say “shticks” let me know how! 😉

About Veronica Shticks Andersonhttps://veronicashticks.wordpress.comI love cartooning and generating ideas.

4 thoughts on “The Shticks Interview with TTS Oddcast

  1. Simon just needs to “divide” it up~~~ example— first he starts with “SHHH” as if he were telling another to be Quiet—then “TICK” and I think he might have it!!! Just keep working on it Simon and you will realize one day that you STUCK it–and can give the SHTICK name out across the airwaves….

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