Google Street View in ParisWhen my awesome friend Pat Jones Bley took a trip to Paris with her son I had just found out about Google Street view maps and was hooked!  She had posted the picture above to her Facebook and I asked her what street it was on. After she replied with the name I looked it up on Google street view maps and the program sent me right to a  360-degree panoramic experience of the street address she was staying at.  It was fun to browse up and down the streets Pat was experiencing in person with her son Joshua Bley.

Google’s Street View Cars drive around many locations in the world collecting imagery that are then “stitched” together into a 360-degree panorama. Because of the way the slightly overlapped images are put together some very interesting end results wind up occurring. Cadiz Spain

I love it also that you can serendipitously learn about something that they do differently in other countries.

2-4 Balkerne Gardens Colchester, Essex CO1 1PA, UK Elderly people sign The Shticks

But back to Cadiz, Spain, I was trying to get my friend Elise to dream about going there with me and check out the navigable 3D imagery of that great town. We jokingly talked about going nuts and renting a moped and getting a couple of wine boxes. That’s when we noticed these two guys with their backs to the best view ever!

Cadiz Spain guys

That’s when we had to tell them!

Eweese and Wawonica in Cadiz Spain

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7 thoughts on “Google Street View

  1. AH-HA~~~Now I know where you have been!! The SHTICKS have arrived~~~and we get to follow along on the JOURNEY!!! Just one request—make the scooter LONGER and save a BIT OF the VINO for ME!!!!!

    I am loving this “introduction” to such a beautiful part of the world—its magical!!!! Something the SHTICKS are pros at doing……… Go, Go, Go!!! Love my SHTICK, VERONICA! martha

  2. I am getting on to see if I can find my circle of friends. so be sure and go outside and wave when the satellite comes by. Loved this post

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