Facebook Threatens Users for Adding Suggested Friends

Have you ever been asked by Facebook to suggest friends to a Facebook friend? Here’s what they don’t tell you!

Facebook threatens to block me over adding suggested friends1

Facebook threatens to block me over adding suggested friends2

Facebook threatens to block me over adding suggested friends3

Facebook threatens to block me over adding suggested friends4

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Yes, Facebook can threaten to block you for doing exactly what they pestered you to do! Even on their help page they don’t warn the person making the suggestions to only suggest friends the recipient knows “well.” Goofballs!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Threatens Users for Adding Suggested Friends

  1. Me also Veronica. Sending friend requests to others within a closed group constitutes a breach and sinbinned for 30 days. Ironically, once sinbinned the suggested friend popups start, as 9f to rub one’s nose in the proverbial. At least, we have the Shticks here.

  2. Okay–Here again goes my “learning Curve” as it takes a Nose dive into the middle of Facebook!!!!!!! So let me share a few words of Severe Frustration—–I am of an older generation who did not grow up with the computer beside me or stuck to my hands. My only version of a computer was the wonderful IBM Electric Typewriter–and when I finally mastered the keys–it was a fantastic feeling!

    Through the years I forced myself to reach out and learn the computer world, struggle upon another but I stayed with it and one day decided to brave the “Facebook Waters” not knowing how wonderful it would be. By accident I stumbled upon the SHTICKS——and knew I was in the midst of something—let me say Someone very special— who is filled with a TALENT like I had never seen before! The Creator of the SHTICKS-Veronica Anderson is loaded to the brim with Love,concern and a hunger to give her SHTICKS a chance to meet the world!!! Facebook has helped with this and suddenly Facebook is turning everyone’s world upside down???? NO—this is silly!!!

    I also suddenly found a huge load of people popping up as “Friend Requests” and I do not have a CLUE who they are… So I will continue following the SHTICKS—trust me when I say they are beginning a world-wide Tour!!!! If Facebook cares to follow along–great! Please do not take a useful tool of the computer world and start punishing people for having done nothing wrong.. My Learning Curve Continues and I know there is a SHTICK out there who can help me when I need it….

    I wish Veronica and her crew of SHTICKS all the best as they prepare for the next journey!
    Martha Herden

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