Just Hanging Out With my Peers…

Stick people hanging out 2 The Shticks

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A stick figure is a very simple drawing of a person or animal, composed of a few lines, curves, and dots. In a stick figure, the head is represented by a circle, sometimes embellished with details such as eyes, mouth or crudely scratched-out hair.

The arms, legs and torso are all represented by straight lines. Details such as hands, feet and a neck may be present or absent, and the simpler stick figures display an ambiguous emotional expression.

About Veronica Shticks Andersonhttps://veronicashticks.wordpress.comI love cartooning and generating ideas.

5 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out With my Peers…

  1. I love all the different expressions on your “peers”…it shows human nature and how we all react differently to information shared. Love it!

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