From Biz to Liz

Shark Tank is an American reality television series that features a panel of potential investors called “sharks.” This panel considers offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their businesses, idea or product. The “sharks,” however, often find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur’s concept, product, or business model.

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I never went on Shark Tank. The show is being used here as a funny metaphorical example of a brutal rejection I have recently had from people high up in the business world.

The part about the best selling author of the megahit “Eat Pray Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, helping me up is true in the following sense:

She shared on her Facebook fan page how her new book “The Signature of All Things” got a great review from a critic who has never liked her work.

Ms. Gilbert celebrated the fact by giving herself a garden hose shower of what she called a “shower of blessings.” Then she shared the blissful picture of the scene on her Facebook fan page.

The beautiful whimsical effect of her photo–and the awesome story of getting a fab review from someone who was hard on you before– stayed with me and I, not only went outside, turned my garden hose on and did the same, but “shtickirized” her moment and sent it to her.

She loved it and shared it with her fans! Thank you, Liz! Take this, rejection!

Elizabeth Gilbert shares her shower of blessings shtick image

Rejection shmejection 7

Premade background of moon behind mystic-looking structures by the amazing Eve Livesey. View original here! 

6 thoughts on “From Biz to Liz

  1. Well this is fantastic!!!! As you work to “CLIMB UP the SHTICK LADDER”–meaning giving them their PROPER introduction to the world–REJECTION is going to come!! BUT–at the moment when you feel like the SHARKS kicked your TEETH in~~~~~~a HAND of LOVE was waiting to help you up! Veronica–the world is READY to meet the SHTICKS–up close and personal!!! Congratulations my SHTICK friend–I remain your biggest FAN and Friend!! love,martha herden

    1. Just Had to leave a few more words—can you imagine a “Barbara Shark SHTICK”??? She is a beautiful lady with an IRON Fist full of Determination–yet all that resides quietly behind her lovely SMILE!!!! OOOH—I can see her SHTICK!!! They do NOT yet know the Thrill of having their very own personal “alter ego SHTICK image”—thanks for letting me have some extra words Veronica!!! martha herden

  2. Oh, Veronica, you are so very special to have done that for Elizabeth Gilbert! You captured her shower of bliss so perfectly! I love your depiction of the Shark Tank too! I don’t know that I would ever have the courage to face “Mr. Wonderful” or Daymond. Elizabeth’s approval was so awesome for you and your talent! And so well deserving!

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