Failure Gets Easier

Genius comedian Patton Oswald’s awesome share of the worst time he ever bombed inspired me to share the stages of  recent failure in my life and how much easier it has gotten.  Patton is right, it gets easier!

The stages of failure The Shticks
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The stages of failure 2 The Shticks
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The stages of failure 3 The Shticks
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10 thoughts on “Failure Gets Easier

      1. I love what the Comedian said about Failure–first thing–it was not surprising to realize how huge that ONE night of Failure has stuck with him. Yet he made it clear–once it happens—rise up, move past it and DO NOT LOOK BACK!!!

        Veronica–your Talent is contagious—-it brings so much Joy and Love to people as we “meet”our personal SHTICKS—we long to follow your journey as more Creative SHTICKS pour from your heart. On the other side is the worst part–JEALOUSY!! ENVY of your growing success. So-lets count it up, You experienced the Be-Friending let down, next the Harsh ripping away of Your Domain Site–followed with “greed” requests of money, and finally the Hurt of more Be-Friending!!! All of this HURTS–you are Human and have such a loving heart!

        Now—RISE UP, MOVE PAST THIS, and DO NOT LOOK BACK!!! The world is ready to welcome your CREATIONS—WE LOVE OUR SHTICKS and dear lady—we LOVE YOU….. your biggest fan, martha

  1. LOVE this!!!! It does get easier because your are moving towards greater success. Your talent does bring so much joy to everyone, even if it’s not for everyone 🙂 (can’t account for some people’s taste!!! )
    Let yourself be defeated and realize the world doesn’t end – you become fearless and bulletproof! Does that mean you become a Shtick Superhero? 🙂 I have no doubt

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