8 thoughts on “Doors

  1. What he said. (“Short and sweet and there to tweet”) Just joshing around, but he is on to something. For me, this piece hit me just as Philip said initially, but then a sense of the succcint moved to the profound then on to the rather deep arena of thought provoking. Which I rather enjoy 🙂 Thank you, love the piece!

  2. I have always been in AWE of the “Depth of Courage & Strength” held by The SHTICK of all–Veronica!! There are many DOORS we must all face—and even the SHTICK will have moments of “Door #1,2, 3”—doubt, concern, and then suddenly the Decision is made and BAM–there goes the SHTICK—flying through the DOOR…..

    Keep looking UP my fantastic SHTICK friend!!!!

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