9 thoughts on “Passwords

  1. My experiences with PASSWORDS goes from finally getting that STRONG one–to me feeling the need to give my computer device a hefty Toss across the Room!! But–wait, if I did that and it Does come back on–I would NOT have a clue as to what my PASSWORD might be…… LOVE this one, so very fitting…… But a SHTICK can always get it figured out, one way–or the other……

  2. The language of the hands and fingers are super super artistic. I can read the message even perhaps without the words. Can I? Yes because the Schticks can convey them in the slightest and provocative way through body angles.

  3. HI, Martha and Diane. Miss you. I am in the net hunger stage due to loads of work in the office. Muti-tasking is the word. Another two went last year and no one has been added back to my staff.

    God will supply me strength and patience.

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