Iphone 6 Bending Solution

BendGate 1 The Shticks

BendGate 2 The Shticks

BendGate 3 The Shticks

BendGate 4 The Shticks

BendGate 5 The Shticks

BendGate 6

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Published by

Veronica Shticks Anderson

For the love of generating ideas through cartoons and imagery.

10 thoughts on “Iphone 6 Bending Solution”

  1. Hahaha!!! —> Good one!!! (By the way, Facebook disabled my account 30 days ago… and counting. Are you on Google+? Or on that new Ello social place? I’m on both as the Authentic Mudd Lavoie… no matter WHAT that darn Facebook says. LOVE YOU xox

  2. Cheers to all of you! Love my unbend able 6 😉

    PS have not slowed down on ZULA… will keep you posted.
    Happy Fall, I bet it’s beautiful where you are.

  3. Well I can’t imagine paying that much money for a phone and then BENDING IT!!! I learned the hard way that cellphone does NOT like the SPIN CYCLE of a washing machine very much……………..

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