She’s Flying!

fall leaves moon eagle The Shticks

Fall skies The Shticks

The Shticks (TM) are not incredibly skinny people; they are my own symbolic representations of people. A stick figure is a very simple representation of a person or animal, composed of a few lines, curves, and dots.

The Shticks started out as stick figure people that I stylized through the years into figure depictions that tell stories. The main characters are my family–and they used to look a lot different in the beginning.

Here’s a story from 2006. Back then I thought up this cape concept and was drawing myself with a cape for times when I felt strong about something. In this story my husband, shticks dad, ends up being drawn with the cape because he proved me wrong at the end in a touching way.

She can fly The Shticks 1

She can fly The Shticks 2

She can fly The Shticks 3

Do you have a story about how a parent, family member, etc, made you believe in magic as a child? I’d love to hear it!

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6 thoughts on “She’s Flying!

  1. Veronica~~ thank you for giving us “a inner glimpse” into your amazing TALENT!! It is joyous to see how MUCH we can learn from the CHILD!! Having my very own Personal SHTICK image-I can truly attest to the real VALUE of your Talent and know how you are able to CAPTURE the inner beauty of a person… You see the HEART first and that is what MATTERS!!! I am honored to call you my dear friend!!!

  2. I thought about the movie, What About Bob. He sort of has the mind of a child, trusting and wants to fly and he does, his way. I am with Martha, you captured the heart of your child, the heart of dad of a child and the heart of a Mom who loves the outcome. Hope all is well my courageous wise hearted friend. If you remember, pray for me the weekend of the 10-12. I am speaking at a Ladies REtreat, I have three sessions. My theme is “Wise Hearted”. One session is a seeking heart is a wise heart, second, a forgiving heart is a wise heart and lasts, a courageous heart is a wise heart. Wish I could transport you circle of friends to the retreat. Someday, if not here but there we will form our circle and God will say, well done my daughters, you kept each other encourage, your use the social media wisely. Keep expressing.

  3. Oh, V! I loved this. What a Dad Shtick he is – he caused Claire to believe…and the love you had in your heart for him….warms the soul….

    A note to Betty: I, too, will be praying. The women will be so blessed and so changed. Wish I could attend.

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