Our Wedding Anniversary

Three days ago Shticks Hubby and I had a wedding anniversary. Thirteen years!

Married Life The Shticks

I remember in the beginning, how everything was perfect…

Romance The Shticks

He made me a welcome sign when I visited…

Romance 2 The Shticks

He showed me the local tourist attractions…

Romance 3 The Shticks

I thought his bike was exciting…

Romance 17 The Shticks

He made the locals make me feel welcome too…

Romance 18 The Shticks

He was eager to show off my talents…

Romance 16 The Shticks

We kept getting stupid signs that we were meant to be…

Romance 15 The Shticks

And his lame prank jokes were brand new to me…

Romance 19 The Shticks

Even the one when he ran away from marrying me. I was shocked while everyone that knew him laughed their heads off…

Romance 4 The Shticks

But once in a blue moon his jokes kill me, like the time we drove by a used car dealer after a snowstorm…

Romance 12 The Shticks

And married life settled…

Romance 14 The Shticks

Romance 13 The Shticks

Romance 7 The Shticks

I didn’t agree with how he tried to make life more interesting for the baby…

Romance 8 The Shticks

I drew our lives. He drew me baths when I was tired…

Romance 5 The Shticks

I didn’t want him to sit on the couch coming in from being sweaty while mowing the lawn…

Romance 10 The Shticks

Romance 11 The Shticks

Happy Anniversary again, baby!  You are and always will be the one!

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4 thoughts on “Our Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Congratulations to the SHTICK couple~~~ what a DELIGHT to be given a “inner glimpse” of those lovely ups and downs of marriage! Its obvious you LOVE each other dearly and with Laughter, Patience, Some Tears~~~you will keep the Magic going!! Take it from one who is STILL enjoying almost 40 years of marriage— yes it does take WORK, but oh my how it is worth it to do the WORK!! So happy for two amazing and wonderful people………….love, martha

  2. How darling this is – pictures you’ve drawn of your love and laughter. It’s great to have talent. Happy Anniversary.

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