4 thoughts on “Who Did This?

  1. Nice “brand” dovetailing LOL … for some reason I saw – really just came in-mind – 3 frames.
    F#2: It is you (real you w/a couple augmented schtick features 🙂 saying “Who did this to my art.”, with dear Sandro in frame #3 looking quite peeved… (“Her art!!!”)
    I know, i know… pretty identity push aggressive… but fun and maybe affective.
    Love the creative strategic move here veronica… give it more context… msgs wi/msg plus keywords… see if hits come in…

    aha!!! satirical and satirical parallel storyboards to that fun-mirror tech-singularity… augmented humans w/tech. Noooo!… w/shtick parts instead… makes people better 🙂

  2. Totally agree with the comments above!!! This is just so dang COOL!!!!!! keep going my wonderfully Talented and loving Friend!!!! You NEVER know what the master SHTICK might have up her sleeves!!!!!!!!

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