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The Shticks Collector’s Edition is having its 8th anniversary this year since first publication in 2007. I have just revised and updated it, but to celebrate this new edition, I’m making a first-time, time-limited offer:

I want you in it!

Yes, I will draw you in my shtick cartoon style and prepare a special edition of The Shticks Collector’s Edition to include you in it!

This is our chance to be in my first book ever together! Forever!

First you’ll choose the option that best fits your budget (details below), then we’ll talk or email (You choose). Then I’ll draw you. I don’t know yet what you look like but this is what your body will look like:

First I'll draw you shtick style

Then I’ll drop you into a special bonus material part of The Shticks Collector’s Edition.

Then I'll drop you in a special bonus chapter of The Shticks Collector's Edition

Don’t worry: it won’t be scary at all! You’ll be like, “That wasn’t so bad!” And I’ll be like, “Not at all!” You will even probably thank me and be glad you’ll have this memory eternalized in a graphic cartoon by an up-and-coming webcomic lady! (I’ll try to live up to the up-and-coming part).

Then you'll thank me


Buy book AND ebook version with you in it ($99.00): 

Buy now paypal button Paypal is safe!

What you get:

One up-to-5 panels story featuring something special that happened to you, or you and someone you love in a special edition just for you of my already published Collector’s Edition book. Forever.

Insert story

You can tell me your story on the phone or you can write me. You choose. Click here to read examples of things you could submit.

A depiction (up to five panels) of a special moment in your life (perhaps with a special person or pet): something funny, or touching, or inspiring, celebratory, etc, that happened in your life. You choose.

Your printed book order will be produced by Blurb.com, with all their recognized goodness: high-quality, durable binding and sustainably sourced paper that showcases images and words beautifully. Once I get everything ready for them, my edition with you in it is ready to go and you’ll have it in your hands in no time.

If you choose to, you will be able to get additional copies of my book with your story in it for the publisher’s regular price.

The free ebook version of your edition will be downloadable to any device (Apple’s ipad, Android, Windows, Mac) as many times as you want. You will get a link to download the ebook to share with anyone you want.

The print book and ebook cover of your edition will say: “Bonus material featuring (your name).”

This special edition of my book featuring your story will have you only in it. Someone else who purchases this package will have their separate special edition.

You will get a free short making-of video of your project. Additionally,  the video will be viewable from within the ebook.

Free instagram animation video of your shtick person moving (very basic moves).

This is a first-time offer in my career.

Examples of up to five-panel images/ illustrations that tell a story:

Click image to view larger.

I’ll be happy to answer additional questions at TheShticks@gmail.com






The End 🙂

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